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Extended third-party car warranty being pushed by mail

Image Credit: Jessica Uttinger

Have you received an official-looking mailer pushing a long third-party car warranty? Clark received this junk mail twice during the lifetime of three days within the last few week. The mailer were included with “request immediate action,” “time sensitive material enclosed” “response requested in five days” and “being opened by addressee only” prominently stamped to the front.

Upon opening the mailer, the client champ saw the examples below message: “This information is to tell you that your factory warranty has expired, can be going to expire, based upon your mileage. Immediate action can be safeguard yourself from severe repairs connected with electrical and mechanical failure. The offer just isn’t there for most people.”

There were also a message encouraging him to acquire his mileage and VIN readily available while he called to retort.

Here’s the kicker: This corporation lacks the idea what sort of car Clark owns or when he even owns a car in the least! This is simply a blind solicitation to enter a garbage third-party extended auto warranty.

Third-party auto warranties are usually poison in your wallet. If you’d like peace of mind, here’s Clark’s threefold plan:

  • First, buy vehicles on Consumer Reports‘ annual recommended list.
  • Second, use a vehicle inspected by a diagnostic mechanic before purchase.
  • Third, in order to get hold of a warranty, accomplish this only with the auto manufacturer itself.

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