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Clark blows out a tire on his Nissan Leaf

Have you browse the owner’s manual in the car? I used to be recently in a situation where I wished I had put together.

A few days ago, I have been riding along in a thunderstorm using a road that is being repaved. The pavement had been scraped leaving a little thin layer that opened in to a sinkhole, we hit it going 40 mph within my Nissan Leaf!

Thus i hear this audible explosion and lose control with the car in the major tire blowout.

As soon as i regained control, I pulled onto a side street and got out over consider the damage inside the pouring rain. My tire looks like it had been with the meat grinder. So I returned the motor car and pull out the owner’s manual to find the extra roll.

But there’s no listing for ‘spare tire’ in the index.

No problem, I do believe because flip through ebook and discover the tire section. That is the earliest I discovered that the car doesn’t have a very abdominal fat!

It includes a little can of aerosol to temporarily inflate the tire so you’re able to drive somewhere to obtain it fixed. That was damaged with my blowout!

The manual also explained the location where the tools are going to change a tire should you have had one. I recieve the knowhow out and realize there’s no jack. So there’s not a chance to alter a tire even though I really could!

Here we are at the manual. I see it says to call a flatbed tow truck and have the car towed to swap the tire in the instance of a blowout. Are you kidding me? But that’s the direction they designed your vehicle. Now I’m having a tow towards the tire center at Costco.

Even so the think I believed about after incident was that I never viewed the owner’s manual after i got your vehicle. I do know for many people it’s like true nerd alert — from a smart way — if you get a new car remain and check out manual. On the other hand never achieved.

Take the time to read that owner’s manual! If you, you won’t be from the side of your road feeling such as a soaked idiot like I’m!

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