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The cheaper car to possess is…

Image Credit: Mark Matson

The Toyota Prius Four tops a brand new Consumer Reports tally of the highest quality new car values.

The magazine’s February 2013 issues reports the Prius features a price of $26,750 in addition to a cost per mile to get of 49 cents. In second place, we certainly have the base style of the Honda Fit, at a price tag of $16,915 including a cost per mile of 46 cents.

The Scion xD and the Scion xB claim the third and fourth place, respectively, about the tally.

Who stunk that inside the Consumer Reports investigation?

The BMW 750Li which costs $97,525 and features a surgical procedure cost per mile of $1.80.

Despite the latest steeply-priced gas, fuel is only account for one fourth from the tariff of operation. So how is all the cash going? Depreciation. When you obtain a new car, on-line drops like a rock when you drive it the dealer lot. Additional circumstances that figure into most considers true price of ownership include insurance, maintenance, additionally, the interest on the loan package.

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