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Ethanol which may kill small engines

Image Credit: Lisa Powell

Clark includes a 50cc scooter he likes to putt around on. It’s maximum speed is 38mph–but now it’s “zero” mpg–from the time that he put gas with Ethanol within it. And now it’s been scientifically proven: Ethanol kills small engines.

The gas industry now wishes to produce gas containing about 15% Ethanol, up with the 10% level allowed today.

Cars over 2001 simply can’t process gas that is definitely 15% Ethanol. And don’t even think about putting it in your lawnmower, leaf blower…or scooter!

But it’s getting harder to locate gas without Ethanol anymore. Consumer Reports says to achieve the cleanest fuel for ones small engines, acquire it on a marina! But it’s $5/gallon! And the way a lot of us live near marinas anyway?

According on the website, fuel demand is down under it has been in Many years. This is often due not only to the recession, but towards efficiency of newer vehicles. And that is excellent news for your country. After we use less oil, we spend less on foriegn oil. In addition to being we up fuel production inside U.S. (such as Ethanol production from my farmers), our economy will rise.

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