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Unveiled: New Video of Honda CIVIC Type R

Here, car styles of almost all the brands are available. This is a nation of people which are quality seekers and lovers. So, there isn’t any doubt that within the Uae, you can easily discover the car model additionally, the car brand that you like. Here, not simply the famous brands like Honda, Ford, Fiat and BMW are available, nevertheless you can also find classic beauties of Bentley together with other top class manufacturers. Here, during this article, we’ll be focusing on the newly unveiled video on the Honda CIVIC Type R that may be resulting from be launched in the year 2019.

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Few noticeable features that had been seen in the prototype with this vehicle are as under:

  1. Firstly, keep this thing clearly on your mind this car model is no-way like the ordinary Civic. Fantastic big rear wing, beefed-up wheel arches and also a rear diffusor out of which the quadruple exhaust tips protrudes. This is certainly something you cannot easily find in every other version of Honda Civic. The wheel alloys have been kept very lightweight, but even then they’re of no help to hide the cross-drilled brake discs. Whenever you walk into the vehicle, you find yourself sitting on the bucket seats which can be deeply bolstered. Also, you will find a thick-rimmed rim that will fit perfectly all-around your chest.
  2. During the testing phase, the car was operated with a banked track, on the speed of 200 kilometers an hour in addition say 124 mph. As being the car has total six gears, there seemed you should not switch to the sixth gear even at such fast. In life, for no reason are aware that anyone would ever be in a position to drive this wonder car at this very fast this is, but the indisputable fact would it be has been created to the extent that it could roar during that supersonic speed in addition.
  3. A few specifications with the predecessor, i.e. standard five-door Civic hatch happen to be kept since it is inside the Type R. Honda hasn’t messed a lot of with those features.

So, if you’re an Honda fan too, then its basically sure you can also be anticipating the launch with this Honda Civic model. But, as you’ve read already, you will need to wait for an t least 1.5 more years to be able to possess the pleasure to check drive your vehicle without help. Meanwhile, you can the wonderful pictures and the videos from the car widely available on-line. For your personal reference, we have now put one picture so that you can provide you with that how this glorious car will in fact resemble. Also, there exists a new video of Honda Civic Type R that’s going viral on the web. You can get it at


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