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Ford Mustang, 50 years of Innovation

It’? hrd t bl?v tht th 50 r nn?vr?r f th Mu?tng ?? n th hr?zn. On Ar?l 17, 2019 w w?ll ??n u ?n lbrt?ng th?? m?l?tn! I wndr ?f L I vr wuld hv drmd tht th l?ttl r h nv???nd w?th th $2500 r? tg, bukt ?t?, nd thr ?d? n th flr wuld hv rm?nd ? ulr t th?? d.

I bm Frd’? d?v???n r??dnt ?n 1960 nd lm?t ?mmd?tl bgn t wrk n th v???n f th ffrdbl rt?l r. B 1962 Frd hd th f?r?t drw?ng f th r but ?t w? fr r frm I’? v???n. H rfu?d h?? tm n 4 ?t vr??n bu? f th w?dr l nd ?n Otbr 1963 th f?r?t 4 nt r bgn t tur.

Th Mu?tng dbutd n Ar?l 17, 1964 nd th Pn Cr r w? n. Th b? r w? vr b? ?n dd but ?t w? vr ulr t th t?m t ffr nd ?nrd?bl munt f t?n?. Sm f th rl?r t?n? ?nludd Pwr Brk?, Pwr Str?ng, Autmt? Trn?m????n, 4 ?d ?t?k, hv dut ?u?n??n, ?tld ?tl whl?, V?nl T, nd th 289 V-8.

On Stmbr 9, 1964 Mu?tng wuld ?t u th?r ?mg vn mr whn th ?ntrdud th 2 + 2 Mu?tng F?tbk, ?ll?ng nrl 80,000 un?t? ?n 1965. On th n r nn?vr?r Frd ?ntrdud wht h? bm knwn ? th Pn Intr?r. Th Pn Intr?r ?nludd dlux dr nl?, ugrdd wlnut ?tr?ng whl, mb??d Pn lg ?t?, b?ggr ?n?trumnt bzl, nw ?tl dr hndl? nd rd nd wh?t urt? l?ght? ?n th dr.

It ?? hrd t ?mg?n tht b 1966 Mu?tng w? rd t lbrt ?t? m?ll?nth rdut?n r!

In 1967 vrn w?td ?mt?ntl ? Frd ?ntrdud th f?r?t f mn r-?tl? f th Mu?tng. B?d n th rv?u? r’? ?u?? f th r thr w? lt f l qu?t?n?ng th th?nk?ng f hng?ng th bd ?tl. But g?n I w? r?ght. Th lrgr bd md rm fr th b?g blk 390 V-8 nd lt? mr wr. Ch??ng th utmt? trn?m????n l? ddd n “A t th GTA Emblm.

A? w lk frwrd ?nt th bd ?tl? tht r ?ur t m 2019 ?? ?u?t rund th rnr nd frm m?t unt? m?r bd ?tl hng ?? n g?n n th hr?zn fr th Mu?tng. I hv ?n fw nt drw?ng?, but w w?ll hv t w?t nd ? th f?nl rdut. If nth?ng l? t wth th?? lgnd nt?nu h? bn trul fun!

Mustang, it’s the very first car will arrive to your mind when you plan to shop for a new or used?muscle car.

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