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1,200 expats shipped to the home countries for traffic and speeding offences in Kuwait

Government officials and police in Kuwait defended sending over 1,200 expatriates thus to their country of origin for trafficking offenses and speeding were reported.
They stood international criticism in recent weeks by using a few measures , including offers 100,000 foreign workers each year to deport 1m high expatriate community that happen to be concerned today regarding the next ten years.
One of the greatest traffic cops of the united states, however, defended the deportations , stating that rapists were affected, obtain the other driver as well as lives of pedestrians in danger.
What makes us the worst is the place where a household loses their suppliers when a family loses his mother when parents lose their children, so when , lost now and again , a large family , Deputy Assistant Secretary General for higher traffic problems Abdulfattah Al-Ali told Kuwait Times.

We are going to continue the campaigns against reckless driving and violations which lead this sort of unfortunate events to .
Al-Ali added that reports on advertising and marketing along with the press that expatriates were deported for minor traffic offenses were not even close reality . Not only do these unrealistic demands , but attempts by field operations to regenerate discipline on the street refuted , said Al – Ali .
Distribute campaign for foreigners for trafficking offenses began at the begining of April , said Al -Ali, which more than 75,000 traffic violations were recorded , which 43 to reach 000 to the acceleration and 10400, red lights.

“This shows the seriousness of the operations to answer any irregularities in the many forms , he added.

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