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New Mercedes-Benz Debuts at 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show

On January 12, 2021, the new Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen, which has just completed its world premiere, made its debut at the 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held online. It has a three-in-one large screen with a width of more than 140 cm. It is the largest human-computer interaction interface that Mercedes-Benz has so far equipped on a mass-produced model. In addition to the impressive digital aesthetics, the new MBUX Hyperscreen has a more intuitive and efficient “zero-level” operation interface and strong AI learning capabilities. Both the display screen of the screen and the operating system can adapt to users’ habits through independent learning, and combine actual application scenarios to make personalized recommendations for infotainment, comfort functions and vehicle functions. In the near future, the new MBUX Hyperscreen will be officially unveiled along with the first representative work of the EVA platform of Mercedes-Benz’s large-scale pure electric model, the new Mercedes-Benz EQS with a pure electric cruising range of more than 700 kilometers.

Mr. Sajjad Khan, member of the Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer of Mercedes-Benz AG, said: “The new MBUX Hyperscreen combines unique electric aesthetics and extraordinary user-friendliness. Its core advantage is adaptive software that connects all systems intelligently, making it the brain of the car to interconnect and communicate with all parts of the car.”

At this CES exhibition, Mercedes-Benz also demonstrated for the first time the new functions of the MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system, such as “Mercedes-Benz Travel Encyclopedia”. This function can provide users with landmark information along the way, such as individual buildings, points of interest, and even city information, based on map data and surrounding environment information. When driving past a landmark, the driver simply asks “Hello, Mercedes, can you introduce this building to me?” or “Hello, Mercedes, what is the name of the restaurant on the left of the road?” The voice assistant will inform the user of relevant information and display it on the screen. In the future, through the flexible OTA function, in addition to the new EQS, users of the new S-class cars can also experience this function.

“At the beginning of the development of MBUX Hyperscreen, we made it clear that we will be customer-centered. Our goal is to create intelligent human-computer interaction experience that does not distract the driver or require complex operations and can learn by AI. It is the fact now: MBUX Hyperscreen can better understand the customers so as to provide customized and personalized infotainment and operating experience, even without clicking or scrolling the screen. This is what Customer-centered digital thinking in 2021 should look like.” Mr. Sajjad Khan said.

Three-in-one screen, the perceptual presentation of digital aesthetics. As a model of the integration of the analog world and digital design, the free-form glass instrument panel of the new MBUX Hyperscreen is more than 140 cm wide and seamlessly connects three displays. Turbine-shaped air-conditioning outlets are delicately integrated on both sides of the screen, and the smooth and elegant curve design is set off by the ambiance lighting system of the radiant color, which outlines the outline of the instrument panel full of science fiction, making it seem to be suspended above the instrument panel.

More than just big. Both the center display and the front passenger display adopt OLED technology with independent light-emitting pixels so that the screen can present a beautiful high-contrast picture regardless of the viewing angle and light conditions. A total of 12 sensors are arranged under the surface of the touch screen. When a finger touches a specific area, the actuator will trigger the vibration feedback of the cover plate to achieve a more realistic and comfortable tactile feedback effect. The entire system can store up to 7 user accounts, making the journey more personal and fun.

“Zero-level” operation, intelligent upgrade of human-computer interaction. With the support of the powerful computing power of 8-core CPU, 24 GB memory and 46.4GB memory bandwidth per second, MBUX Hyperscreen can display the required personalized functions for users on the main interface of the central screen at an appropriate time. The “zero-level” operation of page turning brings a relaxed and intimate human-machine integration experience.

Based on the research of the first generation of MBUX users, Mercedes-Benz understands that the user’s usage scenarios are mostly map navigation, multimedia and telephone communication. Therefore, the main functions such as navigation applications are always set in the center of the screen. AI can also automatically activate more than 20 functions according to user habits, such as active massage mode, intelligent induction assistant, multi-seat entertainment interconnection system, etc., which can be automatically displayed in the main interface with the assistance of AI. In addition, MBUX has further upgraded and optimized a number of functions. For example, the “Mercedes-Benz Travel Encyclopedia” can integrate map and navigation information to provide users with information on landmarks along the way, making travel more convenient.

For a long time, Mercedes-Benz has been adhering to the “customer first” philosophy and has continuously developed products and services that meet customers’ needs. At this CES exhibition, the arrival of the new MBUX Hyperscreen once again opened up an unprecedented new realm of human-computer interaction for people with digital aesthetics, artificial intelligence and personalized experience that lead the times. In the future, adhering to the brand proposition of “Where the heart is going, drive with perseverance”, Mercedes-Benz will create a better travel life for customers with a persistent spirit of innovation.

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