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King of Performance: The New Audi S8L Back On Market

On December 25, 2020, the new Audi S8L was officially launched at a market price of 2,076,800 yuan. This time, the all-new Audi S8L model, relying on comprehensive innovations in the fields of momentum, movement, dazzling and intelligence, won the “Annual Transcend Future Luxury Car Award” in the Robb’s Choice BEST OF THE BEST annual product list. The annual “Robo’s Choice” awards ceremony is known as the “Oscar of high-end lifestyle selection” and has always been the vane of China’s high-end lifestyle. As the leader of China’s luxury car market, FAW-Volkswagen Audi is also committed to creating high-end travel lifestyles for users. The new Audi S8L has insight into the needs of users in the new era and pioneered the combination of the characteristics of high-performance cars and commercial vehicles, leading the high-end lifestyle.

High-performance car leader

The newly launched Audi S8L model satisfies users’ enthusiasm for sports and it is the first time for the Chinese market to lengthen and provide a higher-quality driving experience. In terms of performance, the maximum power is 420kW with the peak torque of 800N•m and it only takes 4 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers. The Audi family’s 4-second club has added heavy members to become the best choice for “performance players”.

Power king for top control experience

The new Audi S8L demonstrates the unique charm of the Audi brand’s luxury high-performance D-segment car, which contains strong kinetic energy under its elegant appearance. The EA825 V8 engine on the new Audi S8L is produced by the Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany. It is jointly developed by Porsche and Audi and known as the world’s top ten engines. In terms of control, the standard four-wheel dynamic steering and sports differential can realize variable steering gear ratio, more flexible low-speed steering, smoother high-speed steering and accurate steering feedback, which improves driving comfort and safety and brings users a top-level control experience.

Intelligent upgrade to build flagship standard

Five smart standard configurations bring users a “no discount” new era of smart driving experience: standard MIB3+Asterix new Audi interconnection platform; standard urban driving assistance system, ACC, night vision system and head-up display; standard 60s automatic Driving; standard AI automatic parking; standard eABC intelligent active body control system.

Among them, the three intelligent functions in the eABC intelligent active body control system shape the flagship standard in all directions. The red carpet welcome and send guests function: when the owner’s door handle is unlocked, the key is unlocked or the door is opened, the body automatically raises the height of the car by 50mm, allowing the people in the car to enter and exit the car more comfortably, to enjoy a superior comfort experience. In terms of experience, the magic carpet function detects the road environment in real time through the 3D camera to ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle. And in terms of safety, the active side collision protection function: when encountering a side collision, the vehicle automatically lifts the one-sided body to avoid the B-pillar Direct collision with the car door reduces the damage to the drivers and passengers and escorts the users every time they travel.

Cool configuration with more comfortable experience

All-round luxury sensory experience brings more comfortable driving journey through 3D sound effect B&O sound function configuration, including 23 speakers with acoustic prism, bringing unparalleled real stereo and 3D surround experience. In the interior, the S8L comes standard with sports seats with diamond stitching, which provides excellent wrapping and comfort. In terms of appearance, the new Audi S8L comes standard with carbon fiber trim, black Alcantara roof, stainless steel pedals and exterior red brake calipers, providing consumers with a more personalized choice while making the vehicle feel full of sportiness.

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