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If currently employed around heavy equipment or chance a fleet, you will have heard of telematics. Frequently, completely new equipment contains these costly systems in the factory, but what about the hard-working machines already in your own fleet that are fitted with years, in fact decades, and services information left in the individual? This is why Senzit can be purchased in. But what on earth is Senzit?

Senzit Monitors More Than Your Air Filter

Everyone is aware of wearable activity trackers like Fitbit, that are an excellent option for tracking your weekly exercise program or competing for bragging rights on who will join the most steps. That same idea is true for your unit, you simply need an air filter. Senzit attaches into the furnace filter housing (or is remotely mounted)and wired to the vehicle. Whenever the engine is powered on, Senzit digests data connected with air conditioner filter condition, dust load, engine hours, and in many cases location. Details are then uploaded towards cloud straight from the Senzit device working with a built-in cellular connection. and is analyzed using advanced machine-learning techniques. From this point you can use the Senzit website and Senzit app to keep track of medical, status as well as placement of this equipment in real-time.

Data Is King

Now that Senzit knows how your equipment works, it could calculate dust load capacity and filter life according to the condition of the environment, not the factory recommendation. Need a better review of your maintenance needs? With digital records important service interval information, for example oil changes and fuel filter changes is often recorded while in the Senzit mobile app You can even set customer alerts hence the health and status within your gear is always the fingertips. Read on for some types of operate could be used to transform your maintenance regimen:

Want more data? Senzit in addition has you with an great way to prevent theft and repair equipment during the field with GPS and vehicle history.

Easy Installation & Pro Tips

Senzit works with all filter brands and is installed on any heavy-duty machine. The extender might be remotely mounted or that come with your overall furnace filter housing. As a consequence of hardware broadcasting a cellular signal, the system naturally draws power so, it’s suggested to connect the Senzit hardware power cause a fused switched ignition source. While the amount is small the hardware has the potential to drain battery power over a good period. Even more important, when you install Senzit the very first time you have to a fresh air filter. Senzit learns the usage habits to your equipment and formulates individual algorithms customized to your machine and usage. Therefore, Senzit assumes how the filter is fresh once the hardware is installed.

Ready to try out it out? Acquire a free 45-day premium trial in the local NAPA AUTO PARTS store and inform us what you think inside the comments section.

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