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Great Wall Motor launches $8,680 ORA R1 electric city car

Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motor has launched its second flagship EV under its new ‘ORA’ electric car brand: the?ORA?R1.

The subsidized cost of the ORA R1 ranges from 59,800 RMB to 77,800 RMB (USD 8,680 to USD 11,293).

Ning Shuyong, general manager of ORA and vp of Great Wall Motor, said: “Being a new market entrant, ORA R1 delivers an unprecedented experience to drivers. ORA replaces the regular sales, service, spares and surveys (4S) dealership-centered model that is common in China which includes a network which includes ORA Home, experience centers and smart outlets inside central business districts of Chinese cities. Additionally, the important data cloud that is definitely created as the result of the information collected within the ORA app, the ORA shopping site and also the Tmall e-shop opens ways to the growth of multiple scenarios for offline sales and services and even new transportation services equally for drivers and passengers.”

ORA R1 boasts many perks over its peers with regard to exterior design, space, intelligence and safety and it’s known as the “world’s fifth boutique vehicle” by so many industry insiders to its superb look, spaciousness, intelligent functions, enhanced safety and volume of focus on quality. The revolutionary model is anticipated to steer the industry which consists of proprietary EV platform boasting.

The ORA?R1 comes with a 33 kWh battery to get a array of around 310 km (about 192 miles).

The vehicle has five color options: titanium?white, cadet blue, sky blue, combination titanium?white and glitter?black, and combination cadet blue and?titanium?white. The model is backed by a three-year or 120,000 km guarantee for the whole vehicle, as well as an eight-year or 150,000 km guarantee for core components.

ORA opens the best way to customized products, reinvigorates sales channels and creates new retail models,?inside of a bid to produce a brand new automotive ecosystem.

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